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About Our Posters

About Our Posters

We Specialize in Original Vintage Cycling Posters

We do not sell reproductions, only original vintage posters from France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany, England, America and many other parts of the world.

Our posters span the Art Nouveau, Art Deco War Years eras.  

We many famous poster artists including, PAL, MICH, Vion, H Gray, Misti, Toulouse-Lautrec, Bellinger, O'Gallop, Roowy, Thor, and Ramsdell just to name a few.


Posters from the 1880’s through the 1940’s tell of a bygone era when the bicycle was a new and innovative mode of transportation.  Many of the brands and races advertised on these posters no longer exist, yet are a part of a great heritage.

In the 1890’s as the Victorian age was coming to a close the bicycle was becoming a major social force in society.  A horse drawn carriage was slow, trains were limited as to where they could take you and the automobile was still a toy of the eccentric rich.  The bicycle was an affordable efficient mode of transportation available to almost everyone.

The bicycle empowered women to go where they wanted when they wanted and is why so many women are featured in these early posters.

In 1896 there were over 125 bicycle manufacturers in the US producing over 1 million bicycles a year.  Enjoy this walk through history from when the bicycle was truly the King of the Road.


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