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Tour de France

The Tour De France (TDF), La Grande Boucle, was first organized in 1903 to increase paper sales for the magazine L'Auto. The bicycle race has been traditionally held in the month of July and has run every year except during WWI and WWII.  In this section we bring you a wide selection of Original Vintage Cycling Posters from the Tour De France.  Browse this section that contains many posters that were used by fans at the races and have hand written in stage winners.

  • Original Vintage 1950 Tour de France Vintage La France Map Poster

    Tour De France 1950 - La France

    ARTIST: AnonymousCIRCA: 1950ORIGIN: FranceSIZE: 19.25 x 25.5 in. A- ConditionProfessionally Linen Backed Tour De France fan route map with hand write stage winners.  

  • 1954 Tour De France Original Vintage Bicycle Poster by Oziouls

    Tour De France 1954

    ARTIST: OzioulsCIRCA: 1954ORIGIN: FranceSIZE: 31.5 x 47.5 in. B+ ConditionProfessionally Linen Backed

  • 1930's Tour de France Game Board box cover poster Inset of the game board - For reference only - NOT INCLUDED

    Tour de France Game

    ARTIST: AnonymousCIRCA: 1930’sORIGIN: FranceSIZE: 10.25 x 14.25 in. A ConditionProfessionally Linen Backed This is the box printing for a 1930’sTour de France Board Game

  • Peugeot Grand  Vainqueurs Original Vintage  Bicycle Poster by Mich

    Peugeot Grand Vainqueurs

    ARTIST: MichCIRCA: 1907ORIGIN: FranceSIZE: 62 x 46 in. A ConditionProfessionally Linen Backed Mich (MICHEL LIEBEAUX, 1881-1923)Mich as he signed his posters was a prolific poster artist toward the end of the Golden Age of Posters. Most of his...

  • La Ronde de France Vintage Bicycle Poster by Paul Ordner

    La Ronde de France

    ARTIST: Paul OrdnerCIRCA: 19462ORIGIN: FranceSIZE: 23.5 x 31 in. A- ConditionProfessionally linen backed

  • Tour De France Ocana Motobecane Original Vintage Bicycle Poster

    Ocana Motobecane

    ARTIST: AnonymousCIRCA: 1973ORIGIN: FranceSIZE: 17.5 x 28.25 in. A- ConditionProfessionally linen backed

  • 1982 Tour de France and Ferench Grand Prix winners Bicycle Poster

    Tour de France - Formula 1

    ARTIST: AnonymousCIRCA: 1982ORIGIN: FranceSIZE: 31.5 x 24 in. A ConditionProfessionally linen backed In 1982 the Renault Elf team won both the French Grand Prix and Tour de France.  Bernard Hinault won the Tour de France for the fifth time and...